When your body is exposed to more germs, the body produces antibodies which increase the strength of the immune system by increasing its database against germs. This is called acquired immunity.
Let’s take a closer look at what acquired immunity is, why it important, and how you can boost it.

What is acquired or adaptive immunity?

It is the symbol of immunity that the body develops due to exposure to various agents against different germs and diseases throughout your life.

What are the two main types of the adaptive immune system?

There are two types of adaptive responses (Code of antibodies).

  • Immune lymphoid specifically (responsible for cell-mediated immunity) which is carried out by T cells.
  • Humoral immune response (phagocytic cells) which is controlled by activated B cells and antibodies.

How does the body get acquired immunity?

The body obtains external or acquired immunity:

  • Vaccine
  • Exposure to an infection or disease
  • Another person’s antibody (immune cells that fight infection in someone else’s blood plasma)

How does acquired immunity work?

When pathogens (germs) enter your body from a vaccine or disease, the body makes new antibodies.
Antibodies target these bacteria in the present receptor.
When you introduce antibodies from plasma of someone else’s, they help your body fight infection and get rid of the disease, but this type of immunity is temporary.

What are the types of acquired immunity?

There are two types of adaptive immunity and they are:

  • Active immunity
  • Passive immunity

What is the difference between active and passive immunity?

Active immunity

When your body exposed to a type of germ or pathogen through (vaccines, just a small amount).
It develops the immune cells in the body called T cells and B cells on the presence of an “invading” pathogen.
The body keeps the genetic pattern for this pathogen, so when the body encounters this disease for next time, the cells Immunity T and B recognize that particular germ of this disease or virus and activate the immune system immediately to prevent you from getting sick.

Passive immunity

When your body gets the antibodies to diseases from someone, somewhere, or through a drug, it is called passive immunity.
This type of acquired immunity is short-lived and ends once the body recovers.
In this case, the body does not recognize the pathogen therefore the body cannot form a genetic code against this virus or pathogen.

How is natural immunity acquired?

Active Naturally Acquired Immunity

It is the body’s response when naturally exposed to an infectious agent or other antigens by the body by making its antibodies.

Passive Naturally Acquired Immunity

There are two main types of passive immunity:

Maternal antibodies

The body usually gets the antibodies through the placenta or breast milk, especially in the first few days after birth.

Medicines and treatments for globulin

Which antibodies for treating people at risk of infection, such as a snake bite, as these antibodies are made in the laboratory or come from other people or animals.

How is Active Artificially immunity acquired?

By giving a safe form of the antigen, the body will produce its antibodies.
So when a later date the body is again exposed to the same antigen, then memory cells will cause an immediate and rapid production of antibodies suitable for protection.

How is an acquired or adaptive immunity boost?

Acquired or adaptive immunity is an essential complement to the innate immune system to strengthen during the different stages of your life.

Pregnancy and Birth

Your keenness to strengthen your immunity during pregnancy, so your baby gets healthy and strong immunity.
Take care of natural birth to transmits the natural antibiotics across the placenta, which contribute to strengthening immunity.

Breastfeeding and childhood

Acquired immune colostrum

Make sure to feed your baby with colostrum, because it contains many natural immune boosters and antibodies.

love the natural

Make your child love natural foods and drinks then stay away from unnatural drinks and foods, especially the early stages of a child’s development.

Pay attention to synthetic antibiotics

Not to give the child synthetic antibiotics that would cure the child of disease but weaken immunity by reducing and weakening the adaptive immunity.
You can call the doctor if you need it.

Keep the schedule of vaccinations

Make sure your child gets the full schedule of vaccinations, especially during the first year of a child’s life.

Enjoy the sun

You and your child enjoy the sun and fresh air to get the maximum possible adaptive immunity then have natural antibodies inside the body.

Elderly, youth, and adolescence

  • Let your acquired immunity express your health by avoiding drugs and tranquilizers as much as you can.
  • Set goals to reach it with immunity and health.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost the immune system and obtain the largest number of the body’s natural antigen.
  • Avoid touching and stick to physical distance as much as you can. this will help the body to create a natural antibiotic if it is exposed to infection by reducing the amount of infection and virus.
  • Preserve the elderly and commit to strengthening their immunity read How to improve the immune system in old age?
  • If you suffer from weak immunity, you should read How to strengthen your immune system quickly?
  • Avoid negative feelings, especially anger, because it affects the immune system and thus weakens the acquired immunity.

Enjoy your life, but make your immunity first, as it is the secret of your happiness.

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