Take special care of yourself during pregnancy because you also take care of your baby. This is why your immune system is like a shield – it protects you from diseases, germs, toxins, and infections, and protects your baby and fetus during the months of pregnancy, especially the first months of pregnancy because without immunity, your system functions and your general health can be affected.

Is your fetus affected when you feel sick?

The developing fetus is a completely separate entity from its mother so most babies are not affected if their mothers become infected during pregnancy. However, there are some types of infections that can be transmitted to babies through the placenta or during childbirth. That is why the best way to protect yourself during pregnancy is to get used to a healthy lifestyle and by this avoid people you know they have an infection, And maintain cleanliness and permanent sterilization

What happens to your immune system when you’re pregnant?

During pregnancy, immunity weakens, be careful.

You must take care to always strengthen your immunity and avoid weakening of immunity so How to know if your immune system is weak? Is very important.

Because the body lowers its immunity so that the mother’s body does not reject the child and accommodates the developing child. Therefore, a pregnant woman is more susceptible to diseases and infections, so the expectant mother must do everything necessary to keep her immune system at the highest level. Here’s what you need to know

Effects of a weakened immune system during pregnancy

What if you suffer from a weak immune system during pregnancy?

Your body becomes a place where infections, toxins, and germs can easily enter. Thus, you will suffer from the symptoms of influenza and colds several times more, and this leads to fatigue during pregnancy, which affects the health of the child, especially if the mother has to take some medicines to pass this disease stage and you will see a new level of tiredness and fatigue.
Morning sickness is common during pregnancy too, but like tiredness and fatigue, you will notice more than usual, thanks to a weak immune system.

How can you avoid getting sick?

Read on for the answers to these common questions

The most important tips on how to strengthen the immune system during pregnancy

Strengthening the pregnant immunity

Take natural probiotics

Make sure to take natural probiotics regularly which are found in foods such as kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut, and so they help you to increase your immunity and your child’s immunity. And protect your child from any asthma or allergies in the long term as well.

Get your vital vitamins

Before childbirth

Make sure to boost your immune system, so Immune System Reset Diet to make sure to have the vitamins that the doctor recommends, whether with supplements or natural foods

During pregnant

Make sure to have a nutritious diet. Because you eat for two – you and your child, and your child need good and healthy food. Your energy needs will increase in the second and third trimesters as your baby will be growing rapidly That is why you make sure that you get enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and everything that is undernourished.
The best way to get your extra calories wisely from all of the food groups – grains, fruits and vegetables, meats and beans, and dairy. Never skip breakfast and try to snack on healthy foods. them is through healthy food.so you will need extra folic acid, calcium, and iron when you’re pregnant. maybe you should take the prenatal vitamins and/or supplements to target vitamin deficiencies, such as iron or B12. suggested by your doctor/midwife
Make sure you get plenty of vitamin D. And zinc, this helps in strengthening your immunity and enhancing it and fertility

After childbirth

Make sure to follow a nutritious diet for you and your baby because it needs to greatly boost his immunity, for this reason, read my article. How to increase immunity in children’s home remedies

Eat healthy food

Eat properly prepared foods to get food free from germs and microbes through:
Food should be well cooked, so raw fish, rare steaks, eggs with liquid yolks, and chicken that is slightly pink in the middle. These are unhealthy foods and may contain harmful bacteria.
Drink pasteurized milk and any cheese or yogurt made with pasteurized milk only. Because unpasteurized foods contain harmful bacteria.

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The flu vaccine is important for a pregnant woman

Influenza causes changes in heart and lung function, and pregnant women are more likely to get the severe disease from influenza, according to the HSE. This is why having the flu during pregnancy leads to premature labor, and then be sure to get the flu vaccine as soon as possible in your pregnancy.

Get enough sleep

Beware that pregnancy is a cause of a lack of sleep and so a weakening of your immune system and exposes you to an additional risk of infection because your body needs enough sleep to feel comfortable during pregnancy, as your body has a lot of variables at present, physically, emotionally and physiologically. Give yourself some good rest. This is why try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up around the same time every morning to help regulate your sleep patterns

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Unwind and de-stress

Give yourself a positive and healthy environment around you by preventing stress are crucial so laughter, in fact, it helps boost your immunity as well as a negative environment is the last thing you need during pregnancy. There are multiple vital variables for you during pregnancy.

Drink water regularly

Water is the elixir of life, so keep your body always hydrated and drink 8 to 12 cups of water daily and you will see great results on your baby. helps your body function at an optimal level by helping your body to flush out toxins and counter dehydration. To know the importance of water in strengthening immunity, be sure to read the article entitled Water Intake and Immune System.

Do exercise

Exercise is very good for you and your baby, the body needs to exercise.

Benefits of exercise for pregnant women

It helps your body prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, as it is a temporary increase in body temperature.
With sport, antibodies, and white blood cells circulate more quickly in the bloodstream, and this allows the body to detect disease early.
Get rid of stress, sport has an important role and thus reduces your chance of getting sick.
It helps in regulating blood flow and also aids in hormonal balance, and this positively affects the fetus and its activity in the mother’s womb.
Therefore, be sure to engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes on most days, so that exercising to the point of outside breathing is not recommended – practice at a rate you can have a conversation. Listen to your body and adapt as you like.

In light of these benefits for strengthening the immune system, be sure to do exercise after a birth period, so read my article Does exercise improve the immune system?

Hygiene is the title of your child’s health

Here we mean personal hygiene and cleanliness of the place, or we want to say that by making hygiene a lifestyle, so be sure to wash your hands often and avoid direct contact with anyone who is sick.

Why should a pregnant woman beside direct contact with a sick person?

Being pregnant does not affect the fetus, but it can be dangerous and lead to complications such as premature labor. Fetal deformity or lack of oxygen in the fetus, so if you do not feel healthy or have cold or flu symptoms, contact your doctor/midwife.

Regularly see your doctor.

Make sure to visit your doctor regularly for a regular check-up during pregnancy, and make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Checking in on your body’s immunity is a lot of over-the-counter treatments but all other medications and supplements must be cleared by your doctor.

Treat yourself with all the love and care in this world.

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