If you are over 50 years old or want to reach this age and live a healthy and happy life, then you must understand the immune system in old age how it works and asks yourself the most questions.

How to enjoy your life?

To live fully healthy, do all your activities during the day without needing help from anyone

So How do I maintain my full health?

This is by strengthening your army, which will protect your body from disease This is what we call Defenses Strong After Age 65 or Boost Your Immune System or Strength Seniors Immune System.

There is an inverse relationship between three main factors:

  1. You are getting older.
  2. Your bone marrow becomes less efficient when producing stem cells that increase the cells of the immunity, which weakens the immune system.
  3. If you have repeated attacks of various infectious diseases.

What are the main factors it causes the immune system in old age decline?

Fat content

The fat content in your body changes due to the accumulation of fat tissue all over, and this is a natural result of your aging.

Decrease activity

The accumulation of fats leads to a decrease in the activity of your thymus, which leads to the loss of an adequate productive this leads to weakened immunity.

Color of the bone marrow

The color of the bone marrow changes from red to yellow, indicating an increase in the number of fat fats in it, and consequently a change and weakness in the production of B cells, which have a primary factor in the body’s immunity. so with age, there is a change in the rate of production of new lymphocytes.

Metabolism process

The imbalance in the metabolism process occurs as a result of inflammation and this contributes to major harms and the onset of devastating conditions such as insulin resistance diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.

What can Seniors do to boost the immune system?

The best Helpful ways to strengthen your immune system and fight off disease

The goal is to improve the function of your immune system so that you will be able to deal with infectious diseases through a better lifestyle. This is what we call approaches to restoring or stimulating immune function, which is why general healthy living strategies are a good way to start giving the immune system the upper hand.

 First: Get vaccinated

As vaccination is one of the best urgent and necessary to prevents millions of cases of infections worldwide every year but vaccines are often thought to be less effective for the elderly.

Contact your doctor

You can contact your doctor to obtain the appropriate vaccine for flu and many other infectious diseases that have emerged recently, such as H1N1 and many viruses, which may cause pneumonia and meningitis.

The severity of the infection

Antivirals taken within the first 48 hours may reduce the severity of the infection and the severity of symptoms that antivirals taken within the first 48 hours may reduce the severity of the infection and the severity of symptoms.

Second: what’s the relation between Diet immune superfoods and the immune system in old age?

To avoid micronutrient malnutrition, you must focus on vegetables and fruits rich in beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamins C and E and zinc are essential to good health and improve immune system performance.

Look toward foods

From these foods, eat avocados, berries, broccoli, and kale, as well as choose lean meats and reduce your intake of sugar, fats, and processed foods.

Herbs contain many oils

When your body loses important elements due to your aging, such as the necessary vitamins and antioxidants, herbs and nutritional supplements reduce the existing gap, so add herbs such as echinacea, ginseng, multivitamins, or probiotics to your daily meals regularly.

Stay hydrated

Seniors need to keep mucous membranes moist, so at least eight to nine glasses of fluid which lowers the chances of flu or colds.

Seniors need to keep mucous membranes moist, so at least eight to nine glasses of fluid which lowers the chances of flu or colds.

You can read the Immune System Reset Diet for more information

Third: Bad habits in preparing food

When you prepare food in a bad way, such as burning food, cooking on charcoal a lot, eating food without cleaning, eating raw food that is not sufficiently prepared, you expose your body to many carcinogens and increase your risk of gastrointestinal diseases, so you should avoid these habits so read the Gut health and immunity problems.

Fourth: Drinking mineral water

Make sure to drink fresh water in the morning and before eating breakfast, because it has a great impact on the body by washing all the vital organs in the body and replacing all the necessary minerals. Read Water Intake and Immune System.

Fifth: Does exercise improve the immune system?

When you reached the age of fifty, then the goal is to be active for at least 30 minutes, depending on your health. Exercises should have a low impact on the bone joints, with emphasis on the heart muscle and blood circulation in the body, without excessive stress.

Removes toxins

Exercise removes toxins accumulated in your body, so we recommend that you be active in the early morning, as fresh air in large green areas is so walking, cycling, yoga, and swimming are important.

Sixth: Stress and immune function

Your body’s sensitivity to nervous and psychological pressures increases and you become more affected and angry from the simplest things, so the various body functions are affected, leading to weak immunity. Read Anger and the immune system.

What is the best advice for quiet and happy times at this age?

  • Don’t care about fine details and problems around you then enjoy all that is beautiful.
  • Positively see the community and try to help others.
    Fill in the free time with what is useful so you can engage in enjoyable activities and relaxing, such as reading or gardening.
  • Stay positive a healthy outlook on life boosts endorphins, has a better chance of staying healthy and positive.

Seventh: Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is of great importance in restoring the body’s functions and energy so you should look to strengthen your immune system, you should take care to sleep for sufficient periods at night and take a nap during the afternoon hours for a period not exceeding 45 minutes. Read How Sleep Strengthens Your Immune System?

Eighth: If you smoke, do everything to stop

One of the most important bad habits that you must stop immediately because your lung tissue is weak and thus increases your risk of cancer and respiratory diseases such as influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Read Does smoking weaken your immune system?

Ninth: Spend time outdoors

To get vitamin D, you need to spend extra time outdoors and in the sun. But choosing the right time is good for you so that your skin will avoid sunburn.
Studies and scientific research have proven that the best times to be exposed to the sun’s rays are the time of sunrise until the afternoon and the time of the beginning of sunset.

 Tenth: Hygiene

Your hygiene prevents the transmission of microbes and germs. Therefore, be sure to:

Personal cleanliness

Keep washing your hands and face with pure water 3 times a day in the morning, noon, and evening before bed, as this helps to keep you clean always. And it removes germs, especially you must maintain personal hygiene after finishing the bathroom.

Cleanliness of the place

Maintaining cleanliness of the place that helps to rest in it and prevents the transmission of germs. For this, we recommend that you use different cleaning tools and materials, especially in toilets and places to move and play

If you take these steps, you’ll go a long way toward keeping your immune system healthy and at the ready to fight outside invaders — even as you grow older.


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