I’m like you, love to enjoy nature, and this beautiful breezy morning during the monsoon period generates a feeling of great energy, but beware from seasonal transitions you may be susceptible to bacterial infections that cause allergies, cold, and influenza, especially summer and turning to autumn this leads to weakness of the body and a state of imbalance. So, make sure to support and strengthen your immune system through home remedies.

How to strengthen your immune system naturally?

If you want to achieve an immune system that works great against viruses and various infections, you need several hormone ways to promote complete balance within the body through diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and other healthy living strategies.

Simple home remedies for seniors

For the elderly, it is important to know how to improve your immune system in old age?  because the immune response tends to get weaker, which makes vaccines less effective and increases the possibility of infection, so getting the right nutrients to boost immunity.

What vitamins boost immune system?

It’s great to get a thorough examination to determine the most important vitamins you need because vitamins A, B2, B6, C, D, and E play a major role in helping you avoid illness and boost your white blood cells, so taking a multivitamin supplement is a good thing. In addition to a healthy diet rich in natural sources.

How to manage your minerals?

Your body contains enough vitamins and minerals, but if the percentage of minerals increases or decreases, leads to an imbalance in the body’s functions, so there must be good management of these minerals.

Selenium and Zinc

Selenium helps prevent cancer and Zinc in Human Health is an important component of immune cells, However, it should not be consumed too much, especially with age

Mineral water remedies

Mineral water is very beneficial for the body because you may find what do you want of minerals in an adequate quantity.

Healthy lifestyle must haves

We can only enjoy this great seasonal atmosphere if you good have immunity, health, and a sound mind, so we resort to home remedies and follow a healthy lifestyle to ensure that our immunity is maintained at full capacity.

Vitamin you get from the sun

The autumn sun is wonderful, beautiful, warm, and very useful, as it is one of the main methods for our bodies to manufacture vitamin D, which enhances boost the of antibody production so low levels of vitamin D increase the risk of developing respiratory infections.

How does sleep affect your immune system?

It’s very simple and we all love it, but some people think it’s not important. Recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to an imbalance in all body functions, especially immunity, by raising inflammatory chemicals, do not let pleasure or work prevent you from rest and sleep and try to sleep comfortably for 7-8 hours every night and learn how sleep strengthens your immune system?

How does stress affect the immune system?

The old life how beautiful, it was simple and free of stress, so if you want an immune system that defends you with all its passions against diseases, epidemics, and viruses, keep your calm and stay away from tension because excessive stress leads to completely suppressing our immune response, as stress hormones play this role effectively, so be sure to reprogram your response to stressful situations, meditation practice relaxes the brain, which encourages fluidity throughout the tissues.

Does exercise help immune system?

To have a vibrant heart, a healthy stomach, and strong immunity, you must maintain your regular exercises, for example, tai chi and yoga, which are very beneficial for physical strength, stress reduction, and flexibility which are important, especially for older. Read Does exercise improve the immune system?

Home remedies to boost immune system

home remedies

If you care for herbs, spices, and other foods, you will see strong performance of the immune system, shown when your body has the ability to fight the flu and colds, especially during the fall season.

Black pepper extract health benefits

Black pellets, but wonderful, whether whole or ground into powder, it is carminative. It suppresses intestinal gases and contains antioxidants that protect your body from dreaded cancer. It contains a large number of antibacterial that protect your body from harmful fevers and boost the immune system.


Small fruit but miraculous foods boost immune function because they contain flavonoids that help reduce cell damage. If it is prepared as juice, you will enjoy the wonderful and nutritious taste as it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, dietary fiber, and manganese.

Mighty herbal infuser

Herbs are wonderful natural remedies because they have exhausted all the benefits of the earth and the nutrient extract that helps you when you have a cold or flu.

You can prepare flu-shot for example RED RASPBERRY, RED CLOVER (Trifolium pratense), MARSHMALLOW ROOT, HAWTHORNE (Crataegus), and elderberry, which is a dark purple berry.

Is ginger garlic paste good for health?

Ginger and garlic act as an immune barrier against harmful viruses and bacteria its anti-inflammatory so it is an elixir for your body as it soothes pain and works as a great analgesic especially in the flu season. So, juice 2-3 cloves of garlic, one lemon. Carrots with a piece of green ginger, and then drink this juice, as it is a great immune and nutritious dose and has anti-fungal properties. They help soothe away nausea too.

Vegetable soup with chicken broth

When you suffer from general wasting in the body or you have passed a health problem, then I recommend this simple soup, because it has great benefits. If you prepare chicken or bone broth with some addition of some vegetables such as leeks, carrots, garlic, and celery – and leafy greens like kale, you will help nourish your body and boost your immunity because you will get enough amount of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Honey and turmeric antibiotic recipe

Wonderful ingredients, especially if you mix it up, you will have a wonderful formula that will add more energy for you and make your body strong in its immunity against diseases and bacterial and viral infections. It’s a beneficial combination, especially for seasonal allergies and for the seniors with many benefits such as preventing cancer, slowing Alzheimer’s disease, and relieving arthritis pain.

Lemon ginger tea for sore throat

A wonderful immune booster and acts as a soothing for the nerves, especially if we add mint leaves to it then you can make in just a few minutes. This drink contains antioxidants, high levels of vitamin C, and antimicrobial elements. so several studies have shown the ability of ginger, especially to resist microbes and diseases, you should prepare a warm cup of ginger tea with lemon and mint and enjoy the most beautiful Healthy, and beneficial moments with the best home remedies.

Can you take too many probiotics in one day?

For a healthy stomach and intestine, look for probiotics or “good” bacteria to maintain an active and healthy metabolism, thus ensuring a healthy immune system, highlighted in the common cold. You can get probiotics from naturally fermented food sources, such as yogurt and kimchi. But don’t take too many probiotics if you have serious illnesses or a weakened immune system to avoid the increased risk of harmful effects of excessive probiotics.

Vegetables for brain health

Stay healthy and don’t leave a vegetable salad or fruit salad, good food for the brain and it is great if you add a mixture of nuts and seeds to it, it is light on the gut, very beneficial for the digestive system, and full of nutrients important for the immune system. If you regularly eat vegetables and fruits, you will see great results in supporting liver function, which removes toxins from your body and brain and enhances vital body functions to counter the dangers of diseases or viruses because many vegetables or fruit contains anthocyanin, caffeic acid, catechin, and quercetin.

Health benefit of mushrooms

Eat Japanese mushrooms such as shiitake, maitake, and oyster mushrooms. Because it has an effective role in producing immune cells and is a fierce fighter against harmful cancers because it is full of antioxidants.

1-Protect your brain as you age.

2-Boost your memory.

3-Good for heart health.

4-strengthening your bones

5-give you enough energy all day.

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