The best a CD audio instruction for Water Workouts

This CD includes two workouts.
1-The first workout is HIIT: Aquatic Cardio, a 45-minute interval workout for all fitness levels (no equipment).
2- The second workout is Aqua Noodle Abdominals, a 15-minute session of core training (with a noodle).
3- One CD makes it easy to do a single workout if you are short on time, or complete both for a 60-minute total-body session.

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If you are elderly and suffer from joint/muscle pain, I recommend you to do water exercises properly and appropriately for this age so here is a CD audio instruction for Water Workouts where strength is Ai Chi balance and relaxation. It is also an intermittent style exercise but there is less focus on sectors of the core and more time spent on functional exercises to improve mobility and strength.
Here you will found Instructions easy to follow. It may take a couple of sessions to get the routine down and recognize patterns.

Is this too intense for senior citizens?

A good workout is cardio-focused and is appropriate for any age. The intensity level is moderate to high. Cues are provided to help you to increase or decrease the intensity depending on your fitness level. For beginners.

Aquatic Cardio exercises

Aquatic Cardio exercises for 45 minutes and Aqua Noodle abdominals (15-minutes).
You will be entertained while practicing these exercises because the music will give you the necessary boost.

The music tones harmonize with water drops, a CD audio instruction in the background NOT A DVD.
You want to continue doing these exercises.
If you do not have a live instructor, do not worry, you will be able to practice this wonderful sport in the backyard pool or for groups.
Your muscles will be good by 2 shallow WATER EXERCISE.
You will get the best 45 minutes to improve flexibility, build strength, and burn massive calories, so you are the winner.
You will not need the equipment. It is enough to follow the instructions in this manual. They contain 5 high-energy bursts combined with soothing lengths to recover.

Why choose CD audio instruction for Water Workouts?

1- Here’s the latest audio water workout with global fitness educator Laurie Denomme
2-You will be able to improve your strength and boost your health and immune system by properly activating the heart muscle and body cells.
3- Maintaining your weight become simple and easy because you will burn massive calories, improve flexibility, and build strength.
4- The HIIT workout: Aquatic Cardio for 45 minutes takes into account all fitness levels, so you’ll notice you don’t need equipment to do this.
5- Aqua Noodle Abdominals workout for 15 minutes. You will get a training session of core training (with a noodle).
6-Common water exercises: Run, Ski, Jumping Jacks and Tucks all maximize calories burned.
So, with one exercise if you have a short time or complete both for 60 minutes of a full-body session.
7- Laurie’s cheerful, easy-to-follow instructions inspire you to act according to your potential.


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